why yesterdays post was late.

Family argument.

*The joys of having an older brother and sister.* 

Y_Y I hate feeling strong emotions like anger because it sends my body into adrenalin over load (painful and immobilizing).

now! try and imagine having to forcefully relax your body while someone is trying to reprimand  you for something you didn’t do!

Did I instigate the argument? T_o as my mother said “I could see it was heading in the direction anyway” U_U It was inevitable.

Did I scream at the top of my lungs at the door for all the neighbours to hear? No! That was my sister and I will not be punished for her actions.

O_O I want my own home so that when these arguments happen I can just go home.

T_T think I spent 16 hours of that day sleeping (not much to do when you live in a box room).


One response

  1. Hello friend! Is everything alright? Idk something similar happened with my family before, and my mum started screaming at my dad and me. Maybe you and your family can calm down first, sit down and discuss with one another? I always wanted to leave home and live by myself, but I realised that I would be quite lonely even if I have all the anime to watch. Hope everything goes well for you! 🙂

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