World Break: Aria of Curse for a Holy Swordsman *new plan*


I have never had a problem with character voices until this anime!

*I can’t stand Satsuki Ranjou sqeeechy/winy voice, it’s driving me up the wall.* 

I’m going to switch it to log entries so that I only have to watch one episode at a time (there is plenty to talk about per episode). *I normally watch anime’s in bulks of 3 *

Did anyone ells spot the girl in the background talking to herself?

*the little rant below could be down to poor subbing.*

“are you from Great Britain” T-o you don’t have to be from Great Britain to be British (that was clearly what she was asking). ^-^ I like how he just answers yes: behold Great Britain man the master of the Welsh, English and Scottish people.

It’s the “united kingdom of great Britain and northern ireland.” (T-o it’s hard to explain to people that Great Britain is the name of the island).  ^-^ 3 states united under one flag however, they prefer to see them selves as 3 different countries.

That’s like asking “are you from the usa?”  they answer “yes.” but never tell you what state they are from.

*i’m from Europe land the capital Europe.*

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  1. The whinny voice, to me I can stand until she starts laughing. That laugh, no matter who the character is, I always find annoying.
    But on another note, you did make the point for the asking if you are from the USA. They never are specific on the state, but with all the blondes being apparently either from England or America in anime, my guess is California for the USA part. I live in Massachusetts and there are not that many blondes here that anime believes there are.

    1. My favorite is when they get usa culture mixed up with uk culture.
      person from uk in anime: “I love baseball!”
      UK translation: TT_TT It’s called rounders and it’s a school summer game.

      ^_^ people from the USA in anime always have big boobs.
      Everyone from Europe has blond hair and blue eyes.

      1. You forgot Cowboy hats no matter where you are from in the US

      2. XD or the fact no one from an English speaking county in an anime can actually speak it.
        anime:”your Japaneses sound a little broken.”
        me:”not as broken as his English.”

      3. I find it weird that sometimes I need to read subtitles for when the speak English. Other times I can clearly tell they are speaking English and understand only I read the subtitles out of habit.

  2. That’s because they *technically* are Icy, they both have their own set of heritage, culture, sports team etc. England and Scotland are only united due to the union of the two crowns, that has been around since 1709. In fact last autumn / winter, that union was under threat from Alex Salmons referendum, of breaking up the two unions. Scotland would have become an autonomous state, if it did win the referendum.

    1. T-o It’s hard to get ones head around? each one has it’s own parliament however, they all have to answer to England.
      they all have there own flags however, we are all represented as a hall by the union jack flag.
      *made up of Saint Andrew, Saint George and saint Patrick (poor saint David)*
      ^_^ If Scotland got it’s referendum the union flag would turn black.

      In a legal sense we are one however, in cultural sense we are 3.

      1. I pretty much know what consists of the union jack Icy xDD. Which is why Scottish peeps voted to stay in the union. Alex Salmon prefered Scotland went out. Thats partially the reason why, Scotland got fed up of answering to England. The fact that a considerable number wanted out, says a lot Icy. Which could be a concern for the future. If this issue raises again. Pretty much nailed it on the head there Icy.

      2. which is why i don’t like it when anime’s or TV shows us the word Britain in the sense “they are English”.
        XD If you called someone from wales or Scotland English and you might not come back alive.
        T-o Are you Scottish rocco?

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