KanColle midway impression


I’m sorry girls, but curry night has been canceled.

*why was there an episode dedicate to curry in a show about war ships.*

Before we go on:


It’s just too cute!

I want to bring up something about this anime that really gets under my skin (it’s not the cad animation).

I watched a girl drown to death and the characters talk about it like they just lost a ship not a living person.  Two of the girls have an episode crying about the idea of dying at sea and then it’s just dropped (we need to make room for the goofy antics of the curry episode).

*I guess the idea of dying during a war isn’t that important to these girls.*

This show has unfortunately divided into two different styles that can’t be blend together no matter what narrative you though into the mixing bowl (you either take the battles seriously or you just make a moe slice of life).

Why are there 4 characters in this anime that look like they belong in primary school? this is exactly what I meant by the anime not being able to balance it’s actual plot with it’s cheap excuse for creepy fan service.


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  1. Most adorable turret ever.

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