Samurai Warriors ova impression

Captureoh my goodness! O_O I just watched  45 minute of an ova and I have nothing to talk about. 

story: There is a war.

characters: *shrug* no one had any character outside of there clothes.

Here is the best way I can describe this anime in it’s entirety:  one very long cut scene that you really want to skip/The kind of game that wants you to watch it’s fmv just so it can show off the power of the system.

system:”look what we can do.”

me: “just because you can make a good looking  fmv doesn’t mean you should.”

system: “It looks graphically cool”

me: “you are making a game, not a movie!”

That’s the problem with this anime, they were so fixated on trying to capture the action of the game that they forgot to set up a 3 arc story.

we beat level 1

beat level 2

final boss

T_o riveting .



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