Session 3 D&D

XD For once I don’t feel ill after the game!


Session 1:

me “I don’t feel well”

farther: “you’re as white as a ghost”

Session 2: enters room and falls instantly asleep (didn’t even change my clothes).


I let the dice make my decisions this time round and it led to some interesting out comes.

Listening to what the players are saying and just bouncing off that can create the most insane set ups (that and rolling randomly on the bonds list).

They met a high elf wizard that lives in a windmill and happens to have a hot spring under his home (needed something to soften the adventures landing).  seeing as are team only has one male I placed elf women down below in order to embarrass  the poor dwarf.

XD before I knew it this wizard was being called a harem king.  Do you know what makes it worse? the half elf bard (npc) that my adventures saved  kept getting 20 behind my screen. O_O Dave the half elf bard is the new harem king!

T-o  That was just one of my favorite moments during this game (I can expand on the entire scenario if anyone is interested).

*I have to write it all up anyway (4th game 29th March).*



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