ISUCA midway impression

CaptureYou do have to wonder if female/male leads in these kinds of anime support the idea of  “abusive relationships are healthy”.  *long as the man is being abused it’s fine.*

What do I think of this anime? My answer: MEH! It’s not good or bad, it’s just boring.

The biggest highlight of this anime that is worth mentioning: whenever one of the girls is in pain they scream out an orgasm (the heavy breathing doesn’t help). 

Our male lead is a push over and a female lead is a violent bully…..T-o you have to admire the creativity that went into creating these one of a kind characters.

Part from our female leads annoying voice and attitude there isn’t really anything more to talk about.


One response

  1. I agree, it was just plain boring. Surprised that you continued with it, this far Icy. Gave it up like on 1st episode. Little development in story or character – if they do, its not that noticeable.

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