Yona of the Dawn midway impression

CaptureEpisode 12 had me in tears.

Do you want to know this shows biggest failing?  It takes 10 episodes for the show to get its footing!

There was no reason to waste a mass of your first section of episode establishing that this sheltered princess is a sheltered princess WE KNOW! It doesn’t help that Yona’s personality is on par with a slice of soggy bread (she is not an interesting character).

When the anime finally introduces the first dragon we discover something amazing: The comedy skits can finally have context in the anime! one of this shows biggest failings is that it loves to force jokes into dramatic moments just for a cheap laugh (imagine a child blowing raspberries during a kissing scene in a romance film). Thanks to the addition of the white dragon we finally have a comic foil to bounce off hak.

Did I forget to mention that Yona is an idiot?

group: “stay together”

Yona: “cute squirrel” *runs off*

T_T. .. . . . .

They introduce the blue dragon in episode 12 by explaining his manipulatively sad backstory. I love the episode but…..I’m not going defend the fact it most likely only exists to create a miner conflict next episode and then will never be brought up again (characters development applies to all episodes not just the one).

I don’t really care if are characters succeed in their mission however, I do want to meet the other dragons and find out there backstories.


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