update: 13/3/2015

I was attempting to watch episode 6 of “akame ga kill” when my computers wifi suddenly became non responsive.

I’m currently on the computer that is directly connected to the hub (down stairs in the front room).

He is an old man compared to my elegant lady upstairs (there is a smutty reason to why I refer to my personal computer as a lady).

O_O Who thought it was a good idea to place the button there!

Old TV: In order to get the sound to work I had to rapidly insert/eject the mic into the slot until the TV produced a sound (that TV was male in my eyes).


2 responses

  1. Hope you get your wifi sorted Icy. As for Akame ga kill, finished the entire series. But i’m re-watching it again.

    1. X3 The wifi is working, it’s the internet that gets randomly block from my computer (It’s a problem no matter who your provider is). *it only happens once a blue moon.*

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