Akame ga Kill! 25% impression

CaptureIs a dress really the most appropriate attire to be fighting in? 

One of the biggest problems that I find with this show is that it can’t decide on its setting??? One moment it looks medieval, next it looks eastern based, European and even modern. Make up your mind! The problem with constantly changing the setting is that it  heavily messes with the context of many scenes.

If this is set in medieval times their actions could be seen as good in the sense they are defending the weak from the strong violent government/monarchy.   T_o BUT! I have seen nothing in this anime that comes close to the brutality that I know many monarchs have done in order to control their people and eliminate their enemies (this show is boringly tame).

Tatsumi: “I’m disgusted at the sight of people being tortured to death.”

Torture was usually conducted in secret, often in secure underground dungeons. In contrast, torturous executions were usually public, and drew large crowds of spectators. Public holidays were often declared and free penances given to spectators to ensure large attendences.

T-o His reaction confuses me, the idea of people being killed in pubic should be a normal concept to him (he can be disgusted but…..why is he shocked to discover something that should happen a lot in this setting?).

If this is  meant to display the moral codes of the modern times these characters and there gang are all the terrorists. The way this gang has killed people is a lot more gruesome and horrific then anything they have shown there “bad guys”  doing so far.

The ends justifies the means: You can use bad or immoral methods as long as you accomplish something good by using them.

response to this shows logic

Two wrongs don’t make a right:  A wrongful action is not a morally appropriate way to correct or cancel a previous wrongful action.

T-O He hates watching criminals get tortured if they were born poor ( I presume that they broke the law, there is no sense in wasting money on elaborately disposing of random poor people)  yet, he is ok with slicing someone apart just because his team said they were the bad guys.

O_o I’m a little worried about the direction this show might be going in.


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  1. The manga depicts the bad guys much worse Icy. Not to spoil anything, but there is a group that comes in much later called the Wyld Hunt. Their arc was omitted entirely in the anime, due to the dark nature of what they were doing.

    1. But the anime doesn’t and that’s a big problem (I should be able to watch the anime with out being forced to read the manga).
      Can’t be that bad (yen press rated it an OT manga). http://www.yenpress.com/akame-ga-kill/

      1. From what i’ve been told by a reader of the series, one of the arc (wyld hunt) pretty much covers sexual rape from man to women to children. No studio would touch it without being banned or having some legal ramification of some sort.

      2. It depends purely on the context (the rating system is strange).
        I would have to read the manga before I could comment on the arc/imagery .

        ^_o Lucky i’m a big manga fan (put it on my list).

      3. No context there Icy, did a comparison on the manga and anime on one scene. Difference was there. The scene in question is not that far out from where you are at. Basically Night raid, see themselves as the lesser of two evils, even Leone mentons this to Tatsumi.

      4. “lesser of two evils” T-o in that sense they acknowledge that they are evil.

        why dose the anime fail to reflect that?

        It feels like the anime is trying to forcefully make me care about these characters. There actions are still gruesome no matter how many times they tell me they are doing it for the grater good.

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