Parasyte -the maxim- 75% impression

CaptureI’m starting to really dislike Satomi (very self-centered ).  *let me elaborate*

I understand she doesn’t know about shinchi’s dead mother, I understand she thinks he has been acting strange and I even understand why she longing to see him after his long absence HOWEVER! If you found your romantic other standing in front of a woman who had been shot to death while they were holding the woman’s baby slightly doused in blood and the police pointed a barrage of gun in their direction coursing them to cry *breather -O-* I doubt the first thing on your mind would be: “He’s back to normal” O_O WHAT THE HECK!

This anime is distinctive when compared to other shows this season and manages to keep itself together after the dreaded 12 episode mark (probably because the manga has enough stories to support the 24 episode structure).

*This is my 4th time writing about this anime so excuse me if I don’t have much to say by this point.*

^-o Only 6 episodes to go!


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