GLASSLIP ending (reaction)

CaptureThink I figured out what this anime is about. 

I can sum up this this entire anime in one sentence: A small group of friends were once against dating however, in the end they expressed their feelings and were all paired up.  

This anime looks amazing! You can see just how much detail went into making every background scream out passion and dedication… Y-Y why didn’t that get put into the characters! The human eye can express emotions as well as being a tool for seeing things (so many dead eyes stares).

Another problem that I found was that everyone tended to talk in the same straightforward tone with no deviation for emotional expression (excluding Touko’s younger sister Hina).

*In short: non of these characters actually sound like normal humans most of the time.*

Do you want to know what really bugged me: Why were Kakeru’s parents divorced?  O_0 The two seem to get along like a house on fire (it honestly comes off as forced conflict).  The only reason I could come up with was maybe he didn’t like moving around constantly and wanted a home to settle down in however, if I take that information on bored Kakeru’s mother doesn’t care if he gets a stable education she just wants him in her  possession (he is nothing more then a prize).

Do I think this anime is bad? T-o no.

I feel that this anime was more about expressing the journeys these characters are going though as people then actual telling a story the traditional way (they needed less dialog and more expression).

*In the end this anime is just average.*



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  1. Hmm, that’s one nice way of summing it up in a sentence, but sadly the anime was all over the place. If what you said was the intention of the anime, then it failed to achieve just that. An anime doesn’t need to have so many distractions to tell a pretty simple story. Yes, the story was simple if we go with what you think it was all about. But no, simple stories can still be told without much distracting noise and still manage not to be boring.

    1. The anime did archive to stimulate my senses and pull me into the mood/tone of the show (even if the plot was bare). “so many distractions to tell a pretty simple story.” Do you want to know what is ironic, that is the exact reason I didn’t like side stories “Nagi-Asu: A Lull in the Sea” (this anime just highlighted the problem and brought it more into the open).
      “An anime doesn’t need to have so many distractions to tell a pretty simple story.”
      There are 3 ways for an anime to express itself
      1. Verbal
      2. Visual
      3. Sound
      My argument is that visually and audibly it tells you a lot about what is going on in a presentable manner however, verbally and from a structure view it is a disorganised mess of mishmash pieces.
      *it’s like a kandinsky painting*

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