SHIROBAKO 75% impression

CaptureAfter 18 episodes I just suddenly had an epiphany: there really isn’t anything to this show outside of watching people work. 

Throughout this entire anime I have been watching the hard work this production team has been putting into producing an anime that stands up to their standards (in show not the production of the real show). When I reached the 75% mark and the shows novelty has started to wash away leaving me with a load of character that I really don’t care about.

Do I care about the donuts friends?  When you get older and enter the world it’s very rare that your high school friends will actually stay in contact, do you know why?  It’s because life has a habit of toughing you down paths that you never expected to happen e.g. moving away, high paying job or even a completely different careers choice to the one you made in high school.

I will be disappointed if the friends do stay together in the end.

*There are 6 episodes left which is more than enough time for the anime to surprise me.*


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