Yona of the Dawn 75% impression

Capture 1T-T I really didn’t like episode 16 (it felt like a really long filler episode).

I’m very worried about the pacing of these last 6 episodes for we haven’t met the 4th dragon yet and the anime still seems to love wasting too much time on sense that could have been easily shortened.

*My favorite spoiler on mal: “Yona is the red dragon” *slap forehead* You don’t say!*

This anime has really picked up momentum when it come to the hilarity of it jokes and the vibrant personalities of each dragon they meet (with each new addition the character dynamic improves). I just wish that they had introduced these dragons a lot earlier, it would have given the anime a lot more life and identity.

Capture copy

Children should only be killed when they legitimately brake the law.




2 responses

  1. That episode 16, made me actually stop watching, I only just caught up the other day. Also, my guess is since they did not introduce that last dragon, that more then likely a second season will be announced for the fall. I am not sure, but I think the anime covered nearly 40 chapters, I could be wrong since I do not read it, and there is well over a 100 chapters out. So, that is my guess, that there will be a second season this fall the earliest.

  2. It’s on my watch list, but haven’t gotten around to actually watching it xDD. Also I like the fact that you’re using more screen shots xDD. Keep it up Icy : D.

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