Captain Earth 75% impression

CaptureThis is just another generic mecha.

When I first started watching this anime I remember very distinctively what my initial impression was from the artwork alone  “Looks a lot like Majestic Prince”.   I was right on the money because this anime suffers with the exact same story pacing problems (I play Publisher Dream just to keep me awake).

* Publisher Dream is a game were you monitor load bars.*

If I had to choose between the two  I would have to say that “Majestic Prince” is a lot better then “Captain Earth” because the show understood that people came to watch it for the cool mecha fighting action  not the charterers (there was a little development but nothing deep).

*shudder* T_T I’m not used to complimenting “Majestic Prince”.*

This anime is trying so hard to have a dramatic story that any macha fighting that dose turn up in this show feels like a shoehorned in after thought (was there any reason this anime had to contain macha’s?)

*I can only see 12 year old’s being entertained by this anime.*


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