Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun ending (reaction)

CaptureI hate it when my favorite comedy shows finish (good comedy is hard to find).

This is one of them comedies that loves to yell in order to get some of the jokes across, if the scenario is funny you don’t need over exasperate the emotions for extra comical effect (The best reaction are usually most subtle).

*I define yelling in anime as over the top shouting, chibi’s or a sudden goofy change in music (forcefully taking you out of the set tone).*

^-0 Part from that little hiccup this anime was amazing funny!  Each episode tries to stick to 2 jokes (1 in the first and another in the 2nd) which means that with each step the gag has time to grow until we hit the punchline.

This show has a vast cast of different personalities that allows for fascinating interaction to be played out for unpredictable comic effect.

Thoughts one the ending: It felt like a cheap excuse to tie itself to the beginning.

Non of the episode failed to make me laugh and I would recommended to this to anyone who loves a good comedy.

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