KanColle ending (reaction)

Capture That fire effect looks extremely cool! 

It turns out we were the commander all along *rolls eyes*.   Come on everyone join in the care bear stare as we wake up blackholetchi in order to save the the world.

Do you want to know what really annoyed me about this anime and I mean REALLY ANNOYED ME BIG TIME? T_T These girls are always referred to as ships, they get upgrades that can change there “human” bodies and they treat death as if they just lost a good vessel not a human.

*I’m guessing no one can swim in this world.*

I’m watching the human manifestation of ships…I’m watch human manifestation of ships that are made to look like young girls……Y_Y I’m looking at ship concerned about the boob sizes!  Do you understand how perplexing it is to watch something that is always referred to as a boat be sexualized in a human form?   O_O what next sexy toaster girls!

The anime tried to pretend it had a dramatic ending however, it fell completely flat because at no point did I feel any tension or worry for any of the girls fighting this bad guy that we barely knew anything about.

Oh, I have a question: Why was it so important for Fubuki to upgrade? T_o Did it really make an impact in the final fight?  If it did tell me because I couldn’t spot it (that one shot she did could have been preformed by anyone).

*For the most part I just found this anime to be purely average.*

My rating: 4/10


7 responses

  1. I found it below average, but that’s my opinion. It fails to do what arpeggio did. It had promise, but just didn’t live up to it.

    1. ^_^ Just did the math on my new rank system and it got a 4/10 (^-o 4-5-6 hit watchable in my books).
      *O_o 4 is just about scraping in there.*

      1. Ouch!!. Wonder if any anime got any lower score than the one you gave kancolle on your rank system Icy xDD.

      2. 2015 has only just started.
        (last years are in the 2014 score section on my blog). https://icysquirrel.wordpress.com/2014-score-2/
        ^_o It was more about keeping a rank in a score bored then actual getting a fixed rating last year.

  2. Why did you give them ideas? I’m sure we will now a sexy toaster girl anime next season.

    1. XD Look at her the hot toasty buns.

      1. Great pun. That’s what I call using your loaf.

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