World Break: Aria of Curse for a Holy Swordsman: Episode 2 impression

Capturewhat’s wrong with his eyes?!

T-o why did he ever want to bonk his sister?

XD *LoL* I could understand self-insertion if this was a dream however, it has been heavily established that these visions he has been getting are glimpses into the past (I doubt the two would look the same).
O_O er “your lips are like a kids lips” am I meant to be creeped out because he knows what kissing a child on the lips is like or the fact he is saying that to his sister.

Honesty….no reaction??? “Who are you?” I don’t think that would be my first question if I woke up to find a unknown little girl sitting on my belly sneaking kisses.
“She just sent in mana for your lips to replenish what you’d lost”. . . What? Oh, she replenished his energy….did that really require a kiss?
Surly there is more than one couple in this school that had a relationship in a past life.

er……think I need to screen cap this sub just to prove to you the reader that this  is what it legitimately says in the cruchy sub.


O_O They see each other as brother and sister.

high school advise: never look someone in the eye for too long, they will think you are coming on to them (true advise).

That’s the only reason I can come up with for this Headmaster to be staring dead eyed at the me the viewer and not the person she is meant to be talking to.


Those are some big boobs love.

“saviors are all reincarnates with past lives.” In contrast to reincarnates that don’t have past lives (magical warfare logic).

“It’s been hypothesized for a log time that there may be some saviors that have not one but two lives.” hold up! I need to go get my dictionary.

Hypothesis definition: An idea that has not yet been proved to be true or correct.

^_^ I will let you have that one anime.

“Go back to your dorm”  For a Headmaster knows better then the school physician.

why did he wait until he was in the hallway to unbound her? how would another student react to seeing that?  O_O I understand she hit him hard but, are they really still flying back fast as the background implies?


Imagine the background is moving.

 Hit the opening 

 I don’t think even magical warfare had that many problems before the opening credits.

why dose every student in anime have a flip phone?

T_o why would you trade numbers just to delete it?  that person you tried to be rude to now has your number and can send it to every tom, dick and harry in order to get revenge.

They want an untrained new student to join the c rank team? I don’t care how strong he is the lack of training is a big problem (how will he keep up with written class work).

*You put a year 7 in a year 11 class.*

O_O That old man was this guys younger bother???? what are you on anime.

whats the point in training these people to use these powers if they are not going to be used once they graduate? seems like a huge waste of money if you ask me.

so cute the preschooler wants to play with the big kids.

“If big brother goes I go too.” says the 6 year old to there 14 year old bother.

she is such a big baby!

In one way long haired girl i correct and in another she should’t be putting words in that lads mouth.

“why did you say that?” when you are getting paid to fight you have to constantly training and seeing you are behind in skill level your mane goal is to catch up soon as possible(kiss your childhood goodbye).

“but keep in mind….



  1. she was just stating facts
  2. “take crap” did I miss the part where Satsuki  was being really rude and intimidating to Shizuno.
  3. That sounds really sexist.

hello naked shot (is that tiny towel meant to be her bed cover?). 


*cloudy* “what a weird day” In what way?


what’s with there clothes?

Satsuki  looks almost naked and Shizuno looks like she is about to go ballroom dancing.

I understand that the pavement came up but….where???

^-^ I heard you can make two crepes disappear during this fight.

Did the parents just ditch that child or was he there alone?



why are they so well trained, what is the point in classes if they know the moves instinctively.

“we can’t fight that monster that is killing hundred of people because we are not guaranteed to win.”  T_o This army is completely useless (waste of money and resources).

Those doctors are so fast there feet are barely even moving.

kid “give them my blood”

doctor “you’re too young”

kid “no way”

That touching moment actually got a giggle out of me (over the top corniness).

How long have them two been sitting in front of that snake monster?

Tentacle rape!  

How is Shizuno moving position when her body is currently made of stone?


Super saiyan!

T-o don’t read there spells (they go by fast anyway).

who is going to pay for all the damage to that shopping center?

Even though Satsuki didn’t beat the monster she is allowed to join there army because she has spirit. “You have a sense of justice” in contrast to all them uncaring nasty students in the lower ranks.

“You went against my orders, well done boy.” T-T

These episodes sure gave me a lot to write about. 

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