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off for the week

April has not been a very good month for this blog.

This new job is really stressing me out to ridicules levels.

*I have been falling asleep during my D&D games.*

I don’t think it is possible to post anime on this blog at the moment.

back/update: 3rd May

update 25/04/2015

sorry about the lack of anime things have been hard on my end.

*T_o Might have to take another week off just so i’m not spamming my blog.*

I have been having nothing but bad luck when it comes to the cleaning machine at work and its really stressing me out. If I get the hang of this job I can finally move away but….I really find the work they want me to do (with in the time) really sweat inducing labor.

*My muscles have been overly swollen every day this past week.*

U-U I have been improving…..just not with that machine (keep having problems).

If I can’t get the hang of the machine before my 3 week trail is done I will not get to keep the job (In a way I don’t really want it). 

money is money at the end of the day. 

cute high earth defense club love defence rant

Context: The circumstance surrounding an event, statement, or idea.

The parts that come immediately before and after a word or passage and makes its meaning clearer.

^_o One of my favorite quotes : “Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not to his own facts.”

Why am I telling you this?  Over this last month I have seen multiple cases of things being taken out of context/warped just to make their point of view seem more valid.

I not talking about interruption or perspective, I’m only referring to people who change fact/information to fit their current needs.

If you are one of those people who don’t like “cute high earth defense club love” that is perfectly ok. What is not ok is choosing magical boy examples that don’t connect to the narrative/context of what you are arguing about. “There are plenty of magical boys” How many of them were magical teams and contained no woman?

One example they use is “is this a zombie” : “He’s a strong magical boy”  

If you were to only look at imagery you would recognize him for his sex however, the show always refers to him when transformed as a magical garment “GIRL!”.

*He is a magical zombie cross dresser with a giant pink chainsaw (If that doesn’t peek your curiosity I don’t know what will). *

In the context of the anime he is a magical girl and if you can’t deal with that it’s your own personal problem.

I’m going to place shugo chara next to spider rider in order to expand on this point.

Both of these anime’s are amid at different genders (shugo chara female/ spider rider male) and both shows don’t care about the gender of the characters. both anime’s can be argued as neutral magical shows with the only dividing outcome being who are main charterer is (is it truly a magical girl or boy show based on who the lead is?).

I don’t think it right to to argue against a magical boy team by choose singular cases .

*A magical boy team is still novelty because it’s not the norm.* 

If you can name one show that contains a magical boys team (no females) in a magical girl setting then I will listen to your argument.

If you making the argument magical boy exists you’re fine however, if your making the argument that magical boy teams are not a novelty then you have no leg to stand on.

^_^ I feel a lot better after getting that of my chest. 

ongoing journey of my new job

^_o It has been a hard week and I have been really needing my chill out time after work at the moment.

TT_TT My muscles have been throbbing! I have been spending a lot of time laying down with a hot wheat bag trying to ease  the pain (should get used to it after a while).

T-o I’m all so trying to bide myself time to gather up my thoughts of  “Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!”. The show itself is average however, there have been a lot of things said about this anime that I have a problem with.

*A statement is not the same as an opinion.*

horror O_O

Tried to buy my domain name just to find out after i paid that someone ells owned it.

O_O even worse my blog would not function correctly!

I got it working again and hope I get a refund!

First day blues

TT-TT I knew this first day working by myself wasn’t going to go well (they never do) but, I need to keep my spirits high and keep trying.

*it’s a 3 week trial* 

once I get a rhythm it should be ok.

*feel a little sick after making so many mistakes.*

Dropping ETOTAMA


Y_Y I have standards (they are low, but I do have them).

Any anime that tries to use what looks like a  10 year old body for sex/vulgar jokes is aromatically on my drop list.

Plastic Memories first impression

CaptureI can’t follow what is happening?

I don’t know what is happening, I don’t know why they had to be taken away and don’t like how the show is trying to manipulate my emotions without good reason (showing a little girl about to die is not good enough ….unless your clannad).

*There is only one android film that plays with my emotion “A.I. Artificial Intelligence” (I don’t know one person who is not disturbed by that film).*

Throughout this entire episode I was asking “why?” and I never did get the answer I wanted to hear. What was that you ask: why were these androids programmed with sentient thought? Why cruelly program them to think like humans and understand life and death if you are just going to though them away when they reach there expropriation date?

If something is sentient it has the same right to live as any living creature does.

 *^_^ That and this episode reminded me of Silicon Heaven.*

Wish Upon the Pleiades first impression

CaptureIt’s always the ones with the strange coloured hair.

18 seconds of nothing!

Her name is Subaru? XD maybe it was there first car (I know that it has to do with a star cluster).

*when you first heard her name did you think Pleiades star cluster or the car company?*

“Just as light is no different from darkness unless it falls upon a person’s eyes”…..what the heck are you talking about?   Darkness can exist without light but, light can’t exist without darkness to illuminate.  Is she talking about how the eyes translate light into colour and if they couldn’t do that night would be no different from day?  I HAVE NO CLUE!

“The stars won’t disappear just because it’s raining” I’m sure the light pollution will.

XD There wands sound like cars.

This was a wired episode! There was cad animation where it wasn’t really needed and an antagonist with no real motive.

The blue haired girl was being overly mean to Subaru and putting her down constantly by saying she is slow and useless (slow most probably being used in the sense of mentally slow). The problem with doing this was that we were never shown any sign of Subaru being mentally slow or incapable in any shape or form making this entire conflict pointless.

Capture 1

Did any of the viewing audience look at that design and think: “That definitely looks like a guy.”



Looks like Konpeitō to me.

Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches first impression

CaptureThis anime suffers with the same problem “Parasyte -the maxim-“had!

The one thing I’m getting really good at is spotting when an anime has been produced by amateurs who are very much inexperienced with converting a manga into an anime.  I know this might sound strange to many anime fan’s out there but, when I’m watching an anime I shouldn’t  feel like I’m just watching a manga with motion.

An anime should inject life into them flat pages! I should be watching moving natural people roaming this world going through their daily lives.


Let me give you an example: Death note

This was the first manga I ever fully collected and read. When I finished the books I went onto amazon and ordered the entire anime box set.

Do you know what I found? An anime that knew it had to find a way to interpret the tone in a way that expressed the spirit of the original artist and writer.  Sure It was close to the manga but, I could tell the two apart because the anime had a spirit and presence of its own.


The best way I can describe this episode is squished.  O_O It felt like a huge chuck of story was missing and they were quickly trying to stick it back together.

If you are in anyway interested in this concept read the manga on cruchyroll.

*This anime is like watching a decrepit sloth dance.*