odd little rant *Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? *

I was watching this anime and was enjoying it until I hit this line:


Capture Capture

I say this a lot but CONTEXT! 

T_o This level one male was saved by a female but, she is seen as weaker not because of her level but because of her gender.

When you save her she will offer herself as the prize.

T_T  which is apparently the best part of being an adventurer.


You could see it as saving a low level female however, he still expects her to be his prize.



4 responses

  1. It definitely feels like this could have been elaborated on more in some way. At the same time it feels as though it is meant to be taken as the damsel in distress scenario, although it does not really feel like it.

    1. If the females in this anime were meant to be damsels in distress they shouldn’t be wielding weapons and participating/running guilds.

      1. That is so true. I should point out the words came from his grandfather, who came from an older generations. But still, you make a point seeing how the main character took it.

  2. I remember seeing those lines when I watched it and slightly cringed on the inside. But I think it’s because Japan’s more accepting of traditional gender roles than the U.S. (I can’t account for the other western countries since I don’t live there, but it might be like that in other western countries, too) since we have a lot of people fighting for gender equality.

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