Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches first impression

CaptureThis anime suffers with the same problem “Parasyte -the maxim-“had!

The one thing I’m getting really good at is spotting when an anime has been produced by amateurs who are very much inexperienced with converting a manga into an anime.  I know this might sound strange to many anime fan’s out there but, when I’m watching an anime I shouldn’t  feel like I’m just watching a manga with motion.

An anime should inject life into them flat pages! I should be watching moving natural people roaming this world going through their daily lives.


Let me give you an example: Death note

This was the first manga I ever fully collected and read. When I finished the books I went onto amazon and ordered the entire anime box set.

Do you know what I found? An anime that knew it had to find a way to interpret the tone in a way that expressed the spirit of the original artist and writer.  Sure It was close to the manga but, I could tell the two apart because the anime had a spirit and presence of its own.


The best way I can describe this episode is squished.  O_O It felt like a huge chuck of story was missing and they were quickly trying to stick it back together.

If you are in anyway interested in this concept read the manga on cruchyroll.

*This anime is like watching a decrepit sloth dance.*


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