Wish Upon the Pleiades first impression

CaptureIt’s always the ones with the strange coloured hair.

18 seconds of nothing!

Her name is Subaru? XD maybe it was there first car (I know that it has to do with a star cluster).

*when you first heard her name did you think Pleiades star cluster or the car company?*

“Just as light is no different from darkness unless it falls upon a person’s eyes”…..what the heck are you talking about?   Darkness can exist without light but, light can’t exist without darkness to illuminate.  Is she talking about how the eyes translate light into colour and if they couldn’t do that night would be no different from day?  I HAVE NO CLUE!

“The stars won’t disappear just because it’s raining” I’m sure the light pollution will.

XD There wands sound like cars.

This was a wired episode! There was cad animation where it wasn’t really needed and an antagonist with no real motive.

The blue haired girl was being overly mean to Subaru and putting her down constantly by saying she is slow and useless (slow most probably being used in the sense of mentally slow). The problem with doing this was that we were never shown any sign of Subaru being mentally slow or incapable in any shape or form making this entire conflict pointless.

Capture 1

Did any of the viewing audience look at that design and think: “That definitely looks like a guy.”



Looks like Konpeitō to me.

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