horror O_O

Tried to buy my domain name just to find out after i paid that someone ells owned it.

O_O even worse my blog would not function correctly!

I got it working again and hope I get a refund!


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  1. Have you contacted customer support Icy?. Best thing to do. As for domain name, always check to ensure that web domain is available. If it ain’t, you have an excuse of making a very unique on for yourself. But it kind of sucks as well. To hear you had issues.

    1. I have cancelled the transaction and it’s currently going though pending.

      Hopefully this accident will be settled soon.

      1. Hopefully it will be resolved as quickly as possible. Your last message was a bit concerning. No legitmate company would do that. Publicly publish personal details like that – its against the law. Or take a small fee for a refund. Just in case, contact your bank. Sounds like a phishing scam, to me.

  2. Weird. When I type http://www.icysquirrel.com it takes me to your blog.

    1. Thanks for the info Judge. Icy, ignore / delete my latest reply to your comment.

    2. odd, according to the information connected to the name it’s owned by some person in the usa (hope I haven’t complicated things).

  3. Okay based on this; https://en.support.wordpress.com/domains/cancel-domain/
    if you’ve bought the domain name and had it for more than 2 days, no refund. but you can still cancel the domain name.

    1. T-o
      I can’t use the name however, I have top bidding when you google search my name now (that was something that did annoy me).

      1. Icy, when I click on the link Judge posted up, it takes me to one of your other blogs…how many do you have?? xDD.

      2. XD I don’t know whats going on!
        I only own the one.

      3. XD if you type in icysquirrel.com you will be sent to squirrely mistakes.

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