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O_o It’s very important that I sleep early tonight

I have finally got a job interview for a morning job!

If I get this job I can finally think about moving out and having a life of my own away from this box room.

T-o It’s going to be strange working 2 jobs and managing this blog.

I will find a way!


PUNCH LINE first impression

CaptureThis was a strange reaction: Finally an anime that shows us a verity of pants.

I have to get this off my cheat because it really did annoy me: 1.The jumper string was snagged on to the bench and then quickly forgotten about just so they could do an unravel joke latter in the episode. 2. Jumpers are made by knitting sections (they are not all connected by one thread).

It’s been a long time since a got to smell pure anime logic seeping through the walls of schlock produced each season. This anime is not going to be about the plot or the story, the goal is to get a reaction out of you at any means necessary.

Younger me: “But it makes no sense.” old anime fan: “It’s anime logic it doesn’t need to make sense.”

*wise words from my anime elders.*

The goofy spirit of this anime really does stand out from a lot of anime that I have seen since I started this blog and even if it does turn out to be bad in latter episodes I can at least say it tried to be different.

not going to blog for a week

If you have been following me for some time now you will be aware that once every blue moon I will randomly take a week off blogging due to depression.

 *looks back on last years post (was I sad around the same time).*

XD I love looking back on past posts! forgot about the time a eat half a chicken with loads of sides at nandos (I looked like a snorlax).

I will be back 14th April

I hopefully will have managed to settled my head by then.

*Think I might know why i’m sad.* 

additional: TT_TT I’m so sorry! thought I wrote  15th down not 14th of April.

odd little rant *Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? *

I was watching this anime and was enjoying it until I hit this line:


Capture Capture

I say this a lot but CONTEXT! 

T_o This level one male was saved by a female but, she is seen as weaker not because of her level but because of her gender.

When you save her she will offer herself as the prize.

T_T  which is apparently the best part of being an adventurer.


You could see it as saving a low level female however, he still expects her to be his prize.


Parasyte -the maxim- ending (reaction)

Capture 6That ending was way too preachy. 

There were 3 subs that I personally thought should be highlighted when talking about this ending:

Capture 1 Capture Capture3

firstly, The reason are planet is over populated has nothing to do with the human population denouncing cannibalism! carnivores and cannibals are not the same thing and should’t be treated as so.

If you don’t show people or animals respect I doubt you are going to care about anyone’s feelings (If you don’t care about caring how can you care about anything).

Do we have the right to say what dies and what lives? no one has that right.

Are there people marching in the street saying that deadly virus should be aloud to kill hundreds of people because we don’t have the right too fight it off and attempt to wipe it out? no! and do you know why? because we as the human species tend to fight away creatures/organisms that could kill us.

I think the show was trying to compare a lion eating a zebra to a parasite eating a human (can you hate a creature that is doing what nature intended).

*The show wants you to think about moral ambiguity.*

This anime was……different.  The concept and the idea was great, too bad it was let down by poor pacing and real lack of atmosphere (I’m staring at a box, a cardboard box!). *T-o I have an odd taste of music.*

^_o loved the designs of all the characters (that truly was the blood of this anime).


My rating: 6/10


This is a very good  anime for the average category.

stay away: 1/2/3

average: 4 / 5 / 6

must watch: 7/8/9/10

*nothing gets 9/10 on this system .* 

back ^-o

Is there a better feeling then hearing someone is a game shop say “Put that copy back on the shelf, we have your copy in the back.”

XD It had my name on it!

*The book I pre-ordered was dungeons and dragons princes of the apocalypse*

Will get back to my anime posts Sunday.

My blog post have been jumping a lot this week.

^_o Sorry about the post arrangement this week (I am trying to get the end of season impressions done).

O_O good thing I turned my computer off early march 30th because are village was hit by a sudden storm (the wind and rain consumed everything), you could feel the house shaking as car/house alarms went off. The village temporarily lost power and many building have damaged roofs (it was amazing to watch).

There will be no post 3rd April (Friday) for I’m going to be out for the day.


ISUCA ending (reaction)

CaptureWe can still see her boob though the censor bar (front boobs are bad, but side on shots of boob are perfectly ok ).  T-o How can she have a big boob to her left and be flat on her right????

What is there to say?

The characterization of everyone in this anime was all over the place making it hard to distinguish anyone outside of what they looked like.  This lack characterization turned the anime into one big mush with very little for the audience to care about (if I don’t care about the characters why should I care about there plight).

The ending was……an ending.  T-o *The ending opens more questions then closing them (I’m not going to try and explain what happened).*

This is just a meh show from start to end.

My rating: 3/10