update 1st May 2015

Y-Y The pubic frustrates me! *sigh* ^_^ I feel better now.

1. don’t put rubbish in buckets filled with water (dripping roof).

2. don’t use toilet brush as a plunger.

3. don’t touch my cleaning buckets if you don’t know colour system!  *that’s more of a staff problem*.

I had to clean up a load of cooking oil yesterday and some numnuts decided “I’m going to clean up even though this equipment is only meant to be touched by are cleaner.”   YOU DON’T USE THAT MOP TO CLEAN TOILETS!

*I was going to change the mop head in the morning.*

Y_Y I get paid to clean, don’t touch my stuff.

I have some sawdust upstairs (They will just have to deal with slippy toilets for now). *staff toilets.*

^_^ I have leaned to use the machinery now (feel a lot more confident).


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