Sound! Euphonium first impression

CaptureBorrrrrrred! It’s so sllllooooow!

This animation is bad! If I told you this anime was produced by Kyoto Animation would you believe me? K-on had a better understanding of how to reflect music then this stiff mess.  *only being mean because it’s Kyoto Animation .*

We have been introduced to some girls……that’s it.

One wants big boobs,

One is disappointed that her school didn’t go to nationals

And the final one……..I think she is the protagonist.

*I could’t tell you who is who.*
Kyoto Animation has a habit of making shows that don’t really have characters, they are usually onenote stereotypes with only there hair to distinguish who they are….which is kind of the problem here.
I will admit that they have captured that school feel and all of the students harmonies together just as the mandatory uniform intended…. which again is the problem.

T-o I don’t know if it’s because I went to a high school that had a lot of commotion going on every minute of the day (loads of dead bodies) *^_o ofsted still gave us a high rating.* but, I don’t remember high school life being so boring.
O_O Are Japaneses schools so under filled that they can fit the entire school in one assembly hall! when I was in school we had to go in one year at a time (then you would be punished if the school bus was late).

^_^ Anime like this make me wish for a show about a high school from the uk: Here we have some year 9 boys trying to sneak there way into the year 7 toilets, they don’t have a door on there toilet entrance so a hoard of girls tended to hang around trying to watch them pee.

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