Alignment system

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Been learning the Alignment system for role-playing games and been kind of confounding me.


Let first get past Lawful good and chaotic evil (basically the same thing but on different sides of the scale).  when I was little in church an I ask the question “Are angels good” which the pasta replied with “They contain one evil” which I replied with “Then how can they be good if they don’t know what is bad?”.

Evil and good are dictated by ones moral compass and if you don’t have a sense of morality how can you have a sense of what is right or wrong? I came to the final conclusion that angels are just obedient soldiers.

like I say:

A demon will kill you because it could

An angels will kill you because it was told to

The one thing they have in common is that they don’t care if you see yourself as good or evil.

You might ask: Are they Neutral Then? No, both sides are still too overly extreme in what they instinctively understand to be the right way of being.

“Neutral” or as I word it: Your natural way of being. 

I find that people get this one mixed up with having pure good/bad pursuits which is just not the case….in fact it’s the complete opposite of that mind set.

A Neutral character will perform an action on instinct (they are not thinking about if the actions will be seen as good or bad).  ^_^ The funny thing about the Neutral is that they will always keep that mind set no matter who/what they are interacting with (the possibilities are endless).

True Neutral: You live in a constant state of apathy.


Lawful Good: Will always peruse what they have has been told is righteous even at the detriment of others.

Lawful Evil: They will manipulate the law in order to benefit them.

Lawful Neutral: Will choose to get involved with any kind of politics just for the fun of it.

not much to expand on here.


They are unpredictable……what else is there to say?

Chaotic evil: Will purse pleasure even at the detriment of others.

Chaotic good: Will purse the pleasure of people being happy around them.

  Chaotic Neutral: They are really sporadic and dangerous (could be suffering with a mental disorder).

Those are just my thoughts on the subject. 


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  1. I’m either lawful good or chaotic good. That’s how I’d be aligned in most RPG cases.

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