update: 8/05/2015

It’s the uk election today! Who will be our new prime minister? *It’s clearly David Cameron.* The reason this vote was a lot harder then the last for me is because I actually paying close attention this time round and i discovered the shocking truth: They are all nut! *I want to vote on good polices not who will be the less destructive.* ^_^ I like the way my Mum worded it: ”

mum: “Do you know what you get with 3 nuts?” brother: “no.” mum: “A snickers bar.”

My brother had the mind set (like many others) that if labour got in he would be given more money.

^_o There is a good reason why I keep my political views to myself (first time i went to vote my dad tried to force me to vote labour).  *I don’t think he understood what he did.* I go to vote with my mother now.


2 responses

  1. Well Cameron and his conservative won – a majority. Clegg, Miliband and Farage (or Fartrage as I call him) resigned from their respective parties.

    1. Farage was in charge of the mudkip party “U-kip”.

      XD Last time cleggy was left in change half of London burned down.

      ^-o vote for Ed, the guy who back stabbed his own twin brother.

      *Did you spot the representative of the monster raving loony party.*

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