MY love STORY!! first impression

Capture I really don’t understand the hype around this anime (It has an 8/10 on mal).

This is an average romance anime with a size difference gimmick…..that’s about it.

T-o My entire reaction to this anime was just one raised eyebrow as a tried to figure out if the show was trying to be funny or sincere.

I’m sorry this is so short (I honestly have nothing to say about this first episode).

Its not bad but, its not great, its just average. 


2 responses

  1. I’d tend to disagree there Icy. The whole point of this show is the “nice, but not so attractive” guy gets the girl. If it was Takeo’ best friend getting the girl, then it is pretty much average. Takeo has a heat of gold (but rather dense), but all the women are scared and judge him on his appereance. But favour and praise his best bud, even give him the credit for all the things that Takeo does. Even though Sunasawa did absolutely nothing. And its a RomCom by the way.

    1. T-o I have read too many shojo manga’s for this kind of story to intrigue me.
      RomCom: romantic comedy.
      XD That was the problem, because it was trying to be (in my mind) forcefully funny I had a hard time telling when it was trying to be sincere.

      This show still has the flat tone feeling that perpetuates though a lot of anime aimed at woman. T_o I watched so many of these shows I now just see them all as one big mush.
      *It’s purely personal.*
      I think this anime is only popular because romance anime are generally not produced (boobs sells better) making the more crazy manga romances less known by the average anime viewer.

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