work update

^-o My arm muscles have expanded to the point were I had to take my watch strap down 3 notches.

*I need to keep reminding myself to eat.*

Found out that it’s not a 3 week trial but a 3 month trial (hope they give me the July 25th off).

get my first payday Friday so I will get to see the fruits of my labor.


3 responses

  1. Congratz Icy :D. You might want to take a nice hot, relaxing bath and ibuprofen if your arms / body are aching before you go to bed.

  2. You can probably best me in arm wrestling after all this physical work.

    1. O_o You’re working 4pm-midnight wow!

      I might be doing physical work but, don’t think i have the endurance to last 8 hours of work at night.
      You would have to turn into a night-owl.

      ^-o think about that nice payday.

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