Having an anime crisis

T_T I seem to be having a problem with anime interesting me recently.

It could be the fact that my mind has been so focused on this job succeeding that I have just lot all interests in the current season.

U-o I will try to finish all of the current shows on my list and then I might have to switch to a 1 post a week schedule (least until my housing situation is sorted).

I’m sorry for the inconvenience.


5 responses

  1. Anime ruts are awful. X_X Try looking up some older anime. You’d be amazed at the hidden and forgotten gems you can find 🙂

    1. Love old anime (too bad they are hard to find legally).

  2. It helps if you only watch things because you want to watch it and not because you feel like you have an obligation to keep up with what everyone’s watching or to post about it on your blog.

    1. I love watching a wide verity of anime. TT_TT
      It’s just that sometimes I can’t stop thinking about how my boyfriend would have reacted to that moment, would he had spotted plot points I missed or maybe there could be laughably bad inconsistencies in the animation (we were more interested in the teleporting tree then the plot).
      I can watch dvd’s with everyone but, *sigh* I can only steam anime by myself at the moment.

  3. I hate when these kinds of moments happen. Usually I tend to watch an old anime, any kind, then I usually look up “animes like …..” and make my decisions from there.

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