Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! ending (reaction)

CaptureI feel sorry for this anime.

Parody definition: A piece of writing, art, or music that deliberately copies the style of something or someone in order to be funny.

*That is definition in my oxford paperback dictionary.*

Do you know what makes me really laugh about this anime; people call this a parody of purely sailor moon.  To me this proves just how bland and boring sailor moon truly must be if people can only remember it for its tropes.

Did sailor moon create them tropes? No! T_o monster of the week, transforming, team of stereotypes and dramatic bad guy who wants to take over the world had been done long before sailor moon was conceived.I know it might seem sad sailor moon fans but there is actually very little meat to your show outside of a trope check list (it was the first all-girls fighting magical fighting and nothing ells ).

    What do I think of this anime? Answer: It’s average.

This anime dose have a lot of jokes and gags that I find hilarious however, it fails in my books by lacking a stronger narrative to tie each of the episodes together (that’s how you can tell it’s not a parody of a particular show).

*I was surprised by the plot twist at the end (they set that up quite well).* 

My rating: 5/10


3 responses

  1. I didn’t think it was meant to be of sailor moon exactly but the magical girl genre in general. After all they all sort of the same themes and ideas. But, I agree the show was fairly average. Some of the jokes just never seemed to follow though. The ending was strange, I wasn’t sure I like it not despite the originality of the twist.

    1. That was my argument.
      XD I was reading so many blogs and online reviews calling this a sailor moon parody just because the fan’s believe that it’s the only true magical girl anime (everything ells is a rip off).

      T-o *shows a big disservice to sailor moon (it’s more then just tropes).*

      it’s like how the attack on titan fan’s called black bullet a rip off just because they both had defensive walls.

      *I don’t think people know what the word parody/rip-off means.*

      1. *snorts* fans like that really get on my nerves. If we called everything a rip off because something else did it first we would never have anything new!

        I agree, a lot people don’t know what a parody is. But I think I lot of people took this anime too seriously without realising what it actually was lol

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