SHIROBAKO ending (reaction)

CaptureYou Can’t say this anime wasn’t unique.

*sigh* XD I want to love this anime but I just can’t!

Is this anime an interesting look into the processes of making an anime? Yes.

Is this anime a good example of real anime production? NO!

This anime never brings up the budget. They also never consider cutting corners to reach the deadlines “We don’t want a low quality show” Y_o have you seen how drastically different DVD versions of anime can be compared to the TV counterpart?


In japan this would be seen as the blue ray DVD difference however, If your not from that country (like me) you will tend to find the fixed up blue ray version is both the DVD and blue ray.

in0fpmzn61ehlg5mo80z uianzc4j9oodfg6qqlnh

The fan’s who pay for the DVD’s tend to get the more visually complete anime.

XD I know this anime was trying to make out that the last episode has lot of love put into it however, I personally find the most animation errors/recycling/Poor composition in the last episodes.

Could anyone visually follow what happened in episode 11 of wizard barristers?

How could we forgot “deivl and the realist” where we see the same set of monsters killed 3-4 times.

Pilots love song: Where the grass moves faster then the planes

*No one ever watches an episode after production and goes “oh no,I forgot to colour that guys eye in!”*

The team never made mistakes (they were all just personal hurdles).

*You’re human, you will make mistakes.*

Captureeye anime

No anime is perfect and there will always be errors. 

When I was calculating the rating for this anime I suddenly realised something? O_o The actual story about the class of girls reaching there dreams was as dull as dish water and all of the characters were really forgettable (I don’t care about any of these people).

My rating: 4/10

O_O That shocked me. *I have a complex rating system.*

Only watch this if your interesting in the anime production process (it’s overly romanticized).


2 responses

  1. I haven’t watched this show, but everyone else seems to be gushing over it so I am surprised by your rating.

    1. People are gushing over it because the show revolves around the production of anime however, people seem to be forgetting that is not what the story is truly focusing on.

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