Yona of the Dawn ending (reaction)

CaptureThen the anime ended…….what?

*rubs face and sighs* There have been way too many anime recently that don’t understand how anime/episodic visual media works (it’s getting under my skin).

The first half of this anime could have easily been shortened and the introduction of the yellow dragon could have been expanded on.

The only episode that could honestly stand alone is 12 “Blindfolded Dragon” (I recommend watching that 1 episode). *skip to the 11 minute mark*

O_0 I loved the second half of this anime however, thanks to that ending I have to say it’s not worth getting though that boring first half. Who ever thought it was a smart idea to just stop the anime dead and hope for a second season was an idiot for now we have a show that can’t even stand upon its own two feet by itself.   All seasons of any show should be able to say “we managed to get from A (established start) to B (ending)” even if A-B are not the big goal there should have been something accomplished.

*They did find all the dragons.*

T_o Like yellow said “Why?”  Yuna did gather all of the dragons but, she did nothing with them.

Got to episode 23 “where the heck is this last dragon?”

Epoisode 24: U_U It’s the last episode and you just about squeeze him into the story

I know this might seem like an odd question but…..why do I want Yuna to succeed? No honestly why?  Part from her dad being killed and her loosening her home the people of the land aren’t exactly suffering from the rule of Su-won.

T-o I honestly think Yuna would be better off being a solider then a queen, she can save common people without the hindrance of petty politics. The only reason that I can see for Yuna watching the castle back is revenge and greed (not exactly great motivation).


XD The 5 dragon army! 

My rating: 6/10

*I will convert the data in order to explain in better detail what went well and what was weak.*


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