Kamigami no Asobi midway impression



It’s been ages since I talked about this anime (forgot to put it on my list). SO, what do I think of this anime after 5 more episodes? It was a lot better then what I expected.

This anime is fill with a pantheon of Greeks gods….and the odd Japanese gods….why? Its not as if the geeks had a lack of gods to choose from (there is a god of door stops and belly button lint).

All of the characters feel flat however, there main goal is to fulfill a fetish that the audience can grab onto and crate there own sexy fantasies. The tone of the situations these lads are puts into with are main lass are well managed and hit you with an extra kick of umhhhf thanks to the overly good music score (it’s better then it has any business being).

The animation might be a little still frame abusive however, it makes up for that stunted movement with by making the god slightly stand apart (not by much)  and knowing just how to play on each of fetishes there going for.

I find the story really weak but, you can tell the people who made this have a little understanding of what the shows main goal is.

T_T *Sorry for the people who had to watch this post go strange on there feed (kept messing it up).*


2 responses

  1. I’m not impressed with the story. But watched it, though. Didn’t post attention to the story, but just ogled the hot guys instead.

    1. ^_o Hot guys attacking hot. *yum!*

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