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Explaining madoka rebellion

I have seen enough information and important scenes in order to come to this conclusion.

I have made loads of theories on this anime since this blog began in 2013, in fact the first post on this blog was an explanation for what a soul gem was.


I never understood how madoka could make a wish within a wish for the wish can’t exist without the within that wish?  *That’s a lot of wish.* The truth is that Madoka’s wish doesn’t actually exist because in order for god madoka to have power she has to be connect to different realities making her exist outside of the universe however, Homura already exist outside of the universe meaning that madoka only exists outside the universe in one reality (are you guys following this).

In sort: Madoka’s wish is an illusion that exists in a plan outside of the universe.  

Like you can see from this image above Homura’s wish created a bubble that gathers all of the different madoka’s power into one place (How can you have one reality with 5-6 realities powering one soul gem).

In order to save Madoka and complete Homura’s wish the two soul gem combine into one creating an ouroboros.

^-o How is it an ouroboros? Because Homura killed Madoka in order to make herself make the wish in the first place, she is and always has been walpurgisnacht.

Madoka get’s her wish to stop people turning into witches and Homura get possession of Madoka’s soul.

*The two of them have created endless power for the universe.*

kyubey punishment: you have to stay in this endless time loop in order to make the contract in the first place. 

XD update 29/6/2015

I have never been so happy to see that flat blue bar!

highlight of the night: An air ambulance landed in the village and everyone ran out in there pyjamas.

O_O They had to Morrisons car park (it was a novelty).

*The shop is in the lowest dip in the village so everyone on the higher lands could hear the full force of the propellers.*

No official information has been released in the local news paper yet however, the buzz in the village is that there was a stabbing (Are local papers biggest story: bench wrong way round).

not going to post till the rainbow is gone

O_O I feel dizzy and sick every time I try and use the site.

I understand the point of the rainbow however, most site did it too their logos not there scroll down banners. Every time I try and edit anything in the text box on this site a feel myself going cross eyed which in response makes me feel ill.

Even now I have to type and check everything on Microsoft word in order to copy and paste fast onto the site (it’s going to be hard to put the tags in).

O_O can’t stop looking up

I can’t look at anything on my reader because these bright colours keep locking my eyes into one position.


I wish they were toned down a little (the bright colours are making me dizzy).

Occult Academy ending (reaction)

CaptureObey the mighty power of the spoon! *Don’t worry it doesn’t really make much sense in context*

guess I should try and explain the image; this guy could bend spoons as a child so he is now using it ageist magical time traveling robots (I think?) to counteract/attack the monsters red beams…..told you it didn’t make sense in context.

This was extremely boring! 

I found most of the characters unlikable, they rarely emoted facially and none of the early episodes where entertaining.   T_T If it wasn’t for them last 3 episodes this anime would be Meh.

Random voice “what about the 2 episodes about the little girl?”

That was a cheap and dirty move! Those two episodes had very little to do with our main characters, it could have been placed in any anime and it would have gained the same emotional response (I hate being emotionally manipulated).  *when you can easily replace characters in a dramatic scene without any changes to the story something is seriously wrong.*

When you reach episode 11 the show seems to turn into a different anime. O_o There are suddenly two witches fighting, a black cloaked ku klux klan (How do you react to that?) and a time traveler fighting off robots with a spoon……A SPOON!

The show tries to act deep and emotional by this point but….I really don’t care about these characters.  You can’t go 10 episodes of short pointless adventures with dead pan characters and then expect the audience to have a deep emotional connection with them.

*Them 2 episodes about the little girl passing on was just a ploy to try and make you care about the ending (it was dirty and cheap).*

long walk

Part form accidentally flicking my hood string into my eye (I will never let him forget that), me and DB went for a long walk on the pennine way.

I didn’t even know I lived next door to the pennine way until 3 years ago when I was messing around with google maps in my free time.

* I should have got a clue when people started turning up with hiking sticks and huge backpacks during summer.*

O_O when you live on/next to hills your entire life you don’t tend to take a second glance at tall rocky hills (I would see loads more when we went to wales).

Mym magazine rant

First off: I love Mym (mostly because I don’t like Neo).

T_o I have a big problem with this months issues and just can’t ignore it.

no 39

Don’t get tricked by the cover this is a game,anime and manga reviewing magazine with the odd movie through in.

My problem with this magazine this month is that all the ratings seem fixed or manipulated for sale purposes.

Y_Y all the scores were 7 or 8.

*”Maybe they were all very good shows and games”*

The person who did the super sonico review said 3 of the episodes were really bad and they could’t even describe what the show was about in the review YET! The final score was a 7….7!  HOW! 

oh, you have love game reviews that don’t talk about the game (game of thrones review had barely anything to do with the game).

when you see a page of nothing but 7/8 on shows you know are not good something is definitely up.  O_O I don’t feel like I can even classify these as reviews in this magazine because they don’t  even ask the simple questions that a buyers would want to know about a show before making a purchase.

 I know bloggers who do better reviews then this.

If you say your doing a review give me one! don’t give me a synopses and a small personal impression at the end.

 You should be able to describe a show,book,game or manga in 3 sentences (wise words from my English literature teacher) 

^_^ I found them (only the 3)


^_o This is there 3rd resign!  I will pull the other 2 off my shelf and compare them when I have free time.

*I want to sell my 1st vision of these 3 (that was the original plan)T-o.*

U_U missing my bunny (DB)

Going be back 22nd June 2015

^_^ Going to be spending time with my sweet DB.

T-o *He’s getting more work/events done however, I get less time with him due to our work schedules (The love story of a cleaner and a traveling barista).*

All this work just to rent a house.

Been watching baby steps

I have one more episode to watch however, I have to go to bed now in order get to work in the morning (you lucky youngsters).

T-o One thing I can definitely say about Baby steps that is really annoying me  is the dead eyed expressions of all the charterers. I can’t get my head around why no one else seems disturbed by amount of times they just stare directly at you the viewer with the dead expressionless unblinking eyes (it really bugs me).


*I think the lack of life in the show comes down to the budget being tight (there are a lot of episodes).*

Haikyu!! might not be my cup of tea but at least it has a personality and presence.

Baby steps is as the name says, it’s a step by step journey of a smart boy.