Revisit gatchaman crowds


This show was one of the first though anime I talked about on this blog (bad quality image). I just remember stopping at episode 7 without any reason (O_o I loved the show, why would I just stop watching????).

While I was at HMV in the city I spotted it on a self and decided that it might be a lot easier to watch the dub (I found Hajime’s Japanese voice to be grating).  For the most part I was right! The only voice I don’t like in the dub is J.J (sounds waaaaayyyy too young).

*when you look at an old man you don’t expect to hear the voice of a 20-30 year old*

So I put the DVD on and processed to watch it with DB.

*read opening lyrics* DB: “she is singing complete gibberish”


DB: “What happened to the cube?”

Icy: “What?”

DB: “She made a big deal about taking it to school with her and then it just vanishes from the story????”

Icy: “You have a good point, what happened to the cube??”

XD When we are together we seem to be a lot quicker to the mark when it comes to finding plot hauls or mistakes.

I got to episode 7…..and the same thing happened! Y_Y Why did this anime loose me at this one episode?

DB answer:  The reason you have been loosing interest at this one episode is because it’s pretending to have a lot going on when in reality nothing is really moving. When you compare this episode to the first 6 there is  abundance of talking with very little action to energize the mood.

^_o I will continue this to the end now (DB really loves gatchaman crowds).


4 responses

  1. I actually never finished this show either, I remember being pretty far into it before i just kinda stopped, same thing happened with the devil is a part timer

  2. The series lost me at episode 3 / 4. I was watching it on crunchyroll and then dozed off. Stopped it at episode 6 / 7 xDD. Haven’t watched it since.

  3. I enjoyed the show aside from the rushed finale. Be sure to watch the OVA online (sadly not on the UK set) to clear up the unresolved questions.

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