I’m such a nerd

Was watch the news and the story about “alton towers: the smiler” crash garbed in interest.

1. why were the 2 carts on the same track?

2. why did the empty car loose velocity after such a steep drop?

3. why did the emergency locking mechanism fail?

T-T Why am a spending hours studying roller coasters?

no news stations seem to be asking these questions? Guess my mother is correct, I’m more interested in finding out why something is then being empathetic towards the people.

T-o How could I possibly understand the pain and terror they went though (I would just be blowing smoke up there bottoms).

*o-O I have a one track mind when it comes to things that fascinate me.*


3 responses

  1. You have a one “track” mind – is that an unintentional roller coaster pun? 🙂

    1. XD It wasn’t meant to be a pun.

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