XD YAAAAAAAAAAAH! I can finally watch them.


XD I was starting to think it was never going to be region 2.

^-o Do you what makes this even better?


XD Two blue ray anime films for £28.75!


3 responses

  1. For two, that’s a steal right there :D.

  2. The series didn’t sell well so it was never a guarantee that it would come to the UK. Looks like it’s more affordable than the US release. I’ll pass though because I disliked how Rebellion ended.

    1. ^-o I loved how Rebellion ends (it’s how I always imagined the original series to end).

      The ending of the series where Homura has to walk an endless road due to her unfulfilled wish is very depressing.
      ^_^ Madoka made a wish within Homura’s wish and because Homura’s wish was/can’t be granted, She has ended up in a pardox world where her soul can never be free.

      Madoka is creating an endless dream just so Homura is not in as much pain about the entire situation (god Madoka is endlessly lying to homura just so she can keep her powers).

      ^_o In order for Homura to be set free she must complete the chain by gathering the second soul attached to her contract. In order to save Madoka she must end the chains that bind them both together.

      There is a good reason Homura is not effected by entropy.

      That’s just my interpretation on what i have seen of the film online and in reviews.

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