INVADERS of the ROKUJYOMA!? midway impression

Capture 2T-o . . . . I Don’t even know what the basic premise of the show is anymore.

When this anime started the main foundation for all these girls being in the plot was getting hold of this small room however, by episode 3 no one ever brings the room up and all the girls want to randomly bonk are main lead……..why?

What happened? How did a fight for a room lead to all the girls wanting to have him as there romantic lover? XD it doesn’t even make sense in a show harem!  Y_Y If you want to make a harem anime you need to set up a reason (even if it’s minutely small) too why each of the girls loves this guy.

Because this anime doesn’t have an established A to B (story/plot) we end up with episodes that don’t have any reason to exits outside of being experimental/entertaining the babies with the shiny jingling keys (no thought required).

 *No one who is actually paying attention to what is going on could honestly say this is a good story.*

I don’t understand people who say: “You shouldn’t be thinking about it” Yes you should! If that was the case/the rule you might as well be watching “in the night garden” listening to the soothing music while dancing with Igglepiggle.

It’s kind of odd that there have been a lot of children’s shows recently that I would say have been over analyzed yet, there a loads of anime/show aimed at young adult/teens that get way too under analyzed (can no one see a big problem).

  Just because you are making a harem anime doesn’t mean you can’t put honest effort  into it (one of the stories I want to write is a harem).


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