why I’m book picky

1. When I was 16-17 years my older sister gave me a collection a warwolf romance books which made me turn against  the full stop.

T-o every 3 words was  a full stop.

it drove me nut.

who would do that?

I don’t think they know how to use a comma.

Maybe they don’t understand the joy of the semicolon.

Every time a read a full stop I pause for 5 seconds.

It’s hard to read a chapter a day when the books chapter length is insanely inconstant (I can’t stand going from one chapter being 5 pages to the next being 30 pages). *If there is a rhythm to the short-long pages that’s fine .*

The final thing that drives me nuts is a lack of paragraphs (This one also applies to comments).  If you write one big wall of text all I will see is an intimidating wall of mush that my head can’t decipher without  getting some card to cover the page.

^-o *Will try to do an anime impression tomorrow.*


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