Wish Upon the Pleiades midway impression

CaptureThis entire anime feels more suited too a 6-15 minutes format. 

How does one describe this show? The show has a premise…..O_o and it ends there! I have seen many shows that run off a single premise however, a lot of these other show supplement it with small stories that expand the world and make you want to watch on.

Do you know what this anime dose to expand the run time? Random character fight/ random back story that has nothing to do with the premise.  I think they are trying to build an engine for an alien BUT, we don’t really know what this engine is going to be used for or why he is collecting engine pieces that look like sweets (why are they floating around space?).

XD I also think the anime has wrongly presumed that because it’s magical girl based they can use the power of friendship as an excuse for everything.

Bad guy : “why do you want to engine?”

Main girl: “Because of friendship.”

Me: “What the heck are you talking about? ”

^_o It’s almost unintentionally turning into a magical girl parody thanks to its poor understanding of how these stories work (it’s super basic).

How would you react if your daughter started crying just because the engine you were building (small scale) had odd parts that didn’t really work together?  I understand some magical girls get really sad at some point in an anime however, I can’t recall any characters that started crying around there family due a jigsaw piece missing or 1 broken carrot on their plate (If your crying over small things like that you might want to talk to someone).

*I think your parents would start making you see therapist.*  

The only thing that keeps bring me back to this anime is purely the fascinating visual effects they use during the flying scenes. You can tell a lot of hard work when into making use they looked unique and eye catching (it would be better if the  computer animation wasn’t delayed).

This entire anime reminds me of another anime that was basically one huge advert for Toyota.


It’s only 7 episode and about 2-4 minutes long yet, It gets a lot more information across and has the same vibe as this anime without the padding.


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  1. That is just an horrific line xD.

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