What makes a mature anime?

Let rewords the: what is a mature anime?

Is it one that shows a lot of boobs, blood or maybe a show that has a lot of death?

None of them 3 things makes an anime mature in my eyes, in fact all 3 of them can be displayed in an incredibly immature manner.

  1. The show should be able to have quiet moments without breaking into a joke.
  2. Should be able to emotionally move you though the characters personal struggles not just emotional manipulation (This would be sad happening to anyone).
  3. No clear distinction between good or bad.
  4. Realism!

Being immature/innocent isn’t about not knowing what boobs, death or blood is, it’s about not understanding how someone would feel/react, it’s about not knowing what it’s like to see/be loosening loads of blood, it’s about not understanding the shock of killing/seeing someone dying in front of you.

Does the show have the balls to play out a realistic scene without reminding you it’s just a film or even a game (makes you think about what you would do in that scenario).

*full immersion seems to be a dying art.*

It all comes done to tone and context at the end of the day.

^_o Is anime mature? For the most part no, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it.

*random topic on my mind.*


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