beanie update 17/06/2015

^_^ It has been a very long time since I entered the Beanie shop and by an odd chance when I entered today new stock had just come in (not had new stock in a long time).


This is Flora the skunk.

Birthday: April 6

She has really soft fur covering her head toe and the tail is just stuffed enough to give it a puffy marshmallow feeling.

In the ship I was presented with 3 flora to choose from

1. This one with the tilted head

2. one stood up strait with her paw out (she looked a little aggressive).

3. ^-^ Then we have the drunk one who had odd positioned legs (quirky).

*XD why dose this shop keep getting sent defective beanies.*

^_o If you want beanies with personality go to the little beanie licensed shops.

one of my favorite memories: *guy pulls out book* “I’m a licensed beanie provider!”

XD I will never forget that (he said it we so much pride).


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