Occult Academy ending (reaction)

CaptureObey the mighty power of the spoon! *Don’t worry it doesn’t really make much sense in context*

guess I should try and explain the image; this guy could bend spoons as a child so he is now using it ageist magical time traveling robots (I think?) to counteract/attack the monsters red beams…..told you it didn’t make sense in context.

This was extremely boring! 

I found most of the characters unlikable, they rarely emoted facially and none of the early episodes where entertaining.   T_T If it wasn’t for them last 3 episodes this anime would be Meh.

Random voice “what about the 2 episodes about the little girl?”

That was a cheap and dirty move! Those two episodes had very little to do with our main characters, it could have been placed in any anime and it would have gained the same emotional response (I hate being emotionally manipulated).  *when you can easily replace characters in a dramatic scene without any changes to the story something is seriously wrong.*

When you reach episode 11 the show seems to turn into a different anime. O_o There are suddenly two witches fighting, a black cloaked ku klux klan (How do you react to that?) and a time traveler fighting off robots with a spoon……A SPOON!

The show tries to act deep and emotional by this point but….I really don’t care about these characters.  You can’t go 10 episodes of short pointless adventures with dead pan characters and then expect the audience to have a deep emotional connection with them.

*Them 2 episodes about the little girl passing on was just a ploy to try and make you care about the ending (it was dirty and cheap).*

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