Explaining madoka rebellion

I have seen enough information and important scenes in order to come to this conclusion.

I have made loads of theories on this anime since this blog began in 2013, in fact the first post on this blog was an explanation for what a soul gem was.


I never understood how madoka could make a wish within a wish for the wish can’t exist without the within that wish?  *That’s a lot of wish.* The truth is that Madoka’s wish doesn’t actually exist because in order for god madoka to have power she has to be connect to different realities making her exist outside of the universe however, Homura already exist outside of the universe meaning that madoka only exists outside the universe in one reality (are you guys following this).

In sort: Madoka’s wish is an illusion that exists in a plan outside of the universe.  

Like you can see from this image above Homura’s wish created a bubble that gathers all of the different madoka’s power into one place (How can you have one reality with 5-6 realities powering one soul gem).

In order to save Madoka and complete Homura’s wish the two soul gem combine into one creating an ouroboros.

^-o How is it an ouroboros? Because Homura killed Madoka in order to make herself make the wish in the first place, she is and always has been walpurgisnacht.

Madoka get’s her wish to stop people turning into witches and Homura get possession of Madoka’s soul.

*The two of them have created endless power for the universe.*

kyubey punishment: you have to stay in this endless time loop in order to make the contract in the first place. 

3 responses

  1. That is….confusing. And this coming from someone whose watched fate stay night and understands the world.

    1. All you need to know is that in the end the show never happened (The girl that sold her soul to the devil ended up over powering him and became a powerful demon).

      ^_^ If they make another movie in the magi series I hope it’s based on Puella Magi Suzune Magica (the magical girl assassin). *That’s the only magi manga I really want to read.*

  2. I have yet to watch all 3 movies of Madoka, and from your post alone, I might say I’m about to get my mind screwed up in more ways than one. :O
    And from your comment, it feels like a waste to be watching the whole of it, seeing as it’s like the show “never happened”. Should I still continue? XD

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