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beanie update 17/06/2015

^_^ It has been a very long time since I entered the Beanie shop and by an odd chance when I entered today new stock had just come in (not had new stock in a long time).


This is Flora the skunk.

Birthday: April 6

She has really soft fur covering her head toe and the tail is just stuffed enough to give it a puffy marshmallow feeling.

In the ship I was presented with 3 flora to choose from

1. This one with the tilted head

2. one stood up strait with her paw out (she looked a little aggressive).

3. ^-^ Then we have the drunk one who had odd positioned legs (quirky).

*XD why dose this shop keep getting sent defective beanies.*

^_o If you want beanies with personality go to the little beanie licensed shops.

one of my favorite memories: *guy pulls out book* “I’m a licensed beanie provider!”

XD I will never forget that (he said it we so much pride).


^-0 made two people at work laugh

Today I had to clean the pipe in the cleaning machine which required me to unscrew the roller under the machine (Y_Y I’m part cleaner, plumber and mechanic).

I got home and put on a nice warm bath.

brain : *you forgot to put the pipe back on!*

me: “O_O oh frig!”

*runs to work*

Boss: “what are you doing here?”

Me: “I was in the bath and remembered that I forgot to put the pipe on.”

Boss:“You think about your machine in the bath? *giggles*”

Me: “I contemplate a lot of things in the bath.”

Other job

Me: “going to be moving out soon”

Receptionist  “where do you want to live?”

Me: “I don’t have plans to die at the moment”

What makes a mature anime?

Let rewords the: what is a mature anime?

Is it one that shows a lot of boobs, blood or maybe a show that has a lot of death?

None of them 3 things makes an anime mature in my eyes, in fact all 3 of them can be displayed in an incredibly immature manner.

  1. The show should be able to have quiet moments without breaking into a joke.
  2. Should be able to emotionally move you though the characters personal struggles not just emotional manipulation (This would be sad happening to anyone).
  3. No clear distinction between good or bad.
  4. Realism!

Being immature/innocent isn’t about not knowing what boobs, death or blood is, it’s about not understanding how someone would feel/react, it’s about not knowing what it’s like to see/be loosening loads of blood, it’s about not understanding the shock of killing/seeing someone dying in front of you.

Does the show have the balls to play out a realistic scene without reminding you it’s just a film or even a game (makes you think about what you would do in that scenario).

*full immersion seems to be a dying art.*

It all comes done to tone and context at the end of the day.

^_o Is anime mature? For the most part no, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it.

*random topic on my mind.*

will be back 15/6/2015

Might give me some time to write my madoka manga review (I been meaning to finish it).

T-o I will pick up a note book and will start properly analyzing it (I need more sleeves for my folder anyway).

Wish Upon the Pleiades midway impression

CaptureThis entire anime feels more suited too a 6-15 minutes format. 

How does one describe this show? The show has a premise…..O_o and it ends there! I have seen many shows that run off a single premise however, a lot of these other show supplement it with small stories that expand the world and make you want to watch on.

Do you know what this anime dose to expand the run time? Random character fight/ random back story that has nothing to do with the premise.  I think they are trying to build an engine for an alien BUT, we don’t really know what this engine is going to be used for or why he is collecting engine pieces that look like sweets (why are they floating around space?).

XD I also think the anime has wrongly presumed that because it’s magical girl based they can use the power of friendship as an excuse for everything.

Bad guy : “why do you want to engine?”

Main girl: “Because of friendship.”

Me: “What the heck are you talking about? ”

^_o It’s almost unintentionally turning into a magical girl parody thanks to its poor understanding of how these stories work (it’s super basic).

How would you react if your daughter started crying just because the engine you were building (small scale) had odd parts that didn’t really work together?  I understand some magical girls get really sad at some point in an anime however, I can’t recall any characters that started crying around there family due a jigsaw piece missing or 1 broken carrot on their plate (If your crying over small things like that you might want to talk to someone).

*I think your parents would start making you see therapist.*  

The only thing that keeps bring me back to this anime is purely the fascinating visual effects they use during the flying scenes. You can tell a lot of hard work when into making use they looked unique and eye catching (it would be better if the  computer animation wasn’t delayed).

This entire anime reminds me of another anime that was basically one huge advert for Toyota.


It’s only 7 episode and about 2-4 minutes long yet, It gets a lot more information across and has the same vibe as this anime without the padding.

why I’m book picky

1. When I was 16-17 years my older sister gave me a collection a warwolf romance books which made me turn against  the full stop.

T-o every 3 words was  a full stop.

it drove me nut.

who would do that?

I don’t think they know how to use a comma.

Maybe they don’t understand the joy of the semicolon.

Every time a read a full stop I pause for 5 seconds.

It’s hard to read a chapter a day when the books chapter length is insanely inconstant (I can’t stand going from one chapter being 5 pages to the next being 30 pages). *If there is a rhythm to the short-long pages that’s fine .*

The final thing that drives me nuts is a lack of paragraphs (This one also applies to comments).  If you write one big wall of text all I will see is an intimidating wall of mush that my head can’t decipher without  getting some card to cover the page.

^-o *Will try to do an anime impression tomorrow.*

^_o what to do in a nuclear war UK 70’s

Even my mother said this was seen a silly when she was little.

“We used to have drills in school where we would have to dive under tables when the bell went off. much good that would do us when a nuclear bomb goes off ”

“Another one we were told was to place a mattress against the door.”

^_^ 28:00 is my favorite : when you hear a nuclear bomb alarm and your not near a house or bridge jump in the nearest ditch and cover your head.

XD Build a fort out of tables that’s bound to save you!

mind blown

T_o Been trying to become a bard on mabinogi…..util I realized this game dose not mess around when it comes to composing music.


XD It’s that classic moment where you take notes and can’t dicier what they mean when you’re done.

The people who can do this are amazing!

O_O *good thing there are people to post song codes online.*


T_T My boss likes to work me to exhaustion (should know if I have the job soon).

*I’m getting really used to waking at 5am now.* 

o-o I need to keep trying harder if I want to get this job secured.

INVADERS of the ROKUJYOMA!? midway impression

Capture 2T-o . . . . I Don’t even know what the basic premise of the show is anymore.

When this anime started the main foundation for all these girls being in the plot was getting hold of this small room however, by episode 3 no one ever brings the room up and all the girls want to randomly bonk are main lead……..why?

What happened? How did a fight for a room lead to all the girls wanting to have him as there romantic lover? XD it doesn’t even make sense in a show harem!  Y_Y If you want to make a harem anime you need to set up a reason (even if it’s minutely small) too why each of the girls loves this guy.

Because this anime doesn’t have an established A to B (story/plot) we end up with episodes that don’t have any reason to exits outside of being experimental/entertaining the babies with the shiny jingling keys (no thought required).

 *No one who is actually paying attention to what is going on could honestly say this is a good story.*

I don’t understand people who say: “You shouldn’t be thinking about it” Yes you should! If that was the case/the rule you might as well be watching “in the night garden” listening to the soothing music while dancing with Igglepiggle.

It’s kind of odd that there have been a lot of children’s shows recently that I would say have been over analyzed yet, there a loads of anime/show aimed at young adult/teens that get way too under analyzed (can no one see a big problem).

  Just because you are making a harem anime doesn’t mean you can’t put honest effort  into it (one of the stories I want to write is a harem).

O_O out of time

sorry I didn’t get the other post updated!

T_T *bad squirrel*

It’s my fault for playing mabinogi when i really should have been thinking about questions (TT_TT curse you procrastination).