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^_o what do you think?


O_O Those are the wrong trouser for that coat.

 I finally found a use for my ruffle shirt (there are not many pieces of clothing you can ware it with).

*The only image of me you will ever find on this blog.*

Dropping Baby Steps


T-o I tried! it has been months since i started watching this and i still can’t  find the will power to finish/continue. 

o-o This is not bad anime (just because I drop something doesn’t mean it’s bad).

U-U it just wasn’t my cup of tea.

*I would rather watch Haikyu!!*

Fafner Exodus Y-Y I’m done with this anime!

Capture I didn’t get to the last episode however, I feel that i have seen enough to give my honest ending option.


why on earth is it compulsory for all mecha anime to have the same over serious flat feel to them. O-O I don’t know any of the people in this anime nor do I care to find out (how can i watch 10 episodes and still not care!).

T-T I definitely don’t want to go looking for the rest of this anime after this bland display.

punch line midway impression

CaptureT-o lets talk about fan service. 

I find that a lot of anime fans (young/steeple) don’t understand why fan service is ok in some shows and bad in others. *why watch an ecchi and then complain about the boobs on display.*

I think the reason for this mind set is because many big video reviewers a couple of years ago were talking about an anime called “highschool of the dead”.  I believe that many people interpreted the complaints they had as: “fan service ruins an anime” when reality the complaints people where making was about how forced fan service can pull you out of a show (submersion).

This anime unfortunately holds its self back from being  a great anime just by having its opening filled with pants, its first episode fill will T & A and  eyecatches of sexy  lingerie with orgasms in the background.

*T-o The show really doesn’t need it… o-O that and the entire plot about Yuuta Iridatsu getting aroused by pants gets really perplexing once you learn he is a she.*

There are a lot of plot twists in this anime making it hard to guess what is going to happen. The show loves ending on cliff-hangers and will even change the eyecatch sometimes in order to fit the mood.
It feels like the original idea for this anime was to make a strait up ecchi however, some people around the room started sharing there ideas and what they found enjoyable forcing the original idea under the table. O-o The plot about Yuuta Iridatsu destroying the world when he is aroused doesn’t get mentioned much and when it does its extremely force (the show comes to a temporary holt).

fan-service shouldn’t be hindering your anime.

^-o I’m back and I bring goodies

O_O It was packed this year!

I have 2 complaints about Manchester mcm comic con:

1. There should be a rule saying “walk on the left in you want to go down/walk right to go up.”  most blockages on the walkway where coursed by people waling into each other.

2.  cozplay modeling photos should be allow in the event hall.

Y-Y  it’s hard enough to walk down the packed walkways without someone taking an entire one for them selves just so they can have a photo. There were plenty of other open places you could take these photos without getting the rest of us crushes in an overflow.


got 6 comics from the village

pichu hat

derpy plush

dinosaur hoodie

top hat

dvd: wolf children

back 27/07/2015

^_o It’s going to be a really fun 2 days.

*staying at DB’s so we are closer the train station in the morning.*

Manchester mcm comic con

If you where just planning to turn up at the door on the day think again. O_O


^_o I think this might be down to fire safety or the fact the building got so hot people were fainting (it has poor ventilation).

*I thinks it’s more likely to be the former then the latter.*


^_^ I’m glad they have pulled the stalls further back into the build (always felt like they were wasting way too much space). 3 cafes! that’s a big improvement on the one they had last year.

3 days to go!


I love my WiiU

O_o You don’t need a tv! Why doesn’t Nintendo use this as a selling aspect! 

*Gets bad flash backs of moving a big heavy TV forwards just to try and blindly switch the cables in the back of the telly (dark times).*

You newfangled kids with your flat screens and thin hdmi cables. XD

^_o I don’t have a TV in my room so this system to really useful. 

Rokka -Braves of the Six Flowers- first impression

CaptureY_Y I’m so bored!

  • Guy enters contest unannounced
  • Get impression
  • Bright light
  • Finds out he is the chosen one

Y_Y I just summarized a 24 minute episode in 4 lines!

What did I think of this episode? Nothing! It was so bland story wise I started singing the veggie tales song from “daniel in the lion pit”.

not well

T_T There is not much more to say.

*Hope I don’t feel like this at the con.*

6 days