La storia della Arcana Famiglia first impression

CaptureT_T I hit the random button and got given this. 

Some anime fan dislike how fan service gets in the way of a show, others get angry at the school setting being over used and some are just genre picky. For me my biggest pet peeve in any anime or manga is when they use “marriage” as a way to get around prostitution/rape.

When the dad in this anime suddenly says he will give his daughter away to the winner that audience is not getting existed because of the aspect of marriage (rape is still rape even if she is your wife).

plot: boss guy retires and declares a contest for who will succeed him…oh and he randomly makes his daughter part of the prize.

This episode was really boring with nothing noteworthy to say about any of the characters.

The only thing I feel is worth mentioning is that the animation is very poor and even feels stilted/off time during some senses.


One response

  1. My first impression is not good, as well. Watched a couple of episodes, but dropped it. Perhaps I’ll pick it up again when I have nothing to watch, which I highly doubt.

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