Charlotte first impression

Capture hihO_O I haven’t rewound an anime this many times since magical warfare.  

Lets start from the beginning.

 You might have seen this image from my other blog: Capture

The line he was talking about was “i think therefore i am” but, in his wording he says it as “I can go in other people minds so there for i’m them” which is missing the point  entirely.

“When there’s nothing left he still is left with himself and nothing else. Regardless of whether or not he is being deceived by some demon or his beliefs are wrong, he is able to see that even if he has the ability to doubt something he must be existing to even doubt it in the first place. The fact that he can think is what assures himself of his own existence, and a deceiving god cannot negate that. From this point on, Descartes can continue in his examination of reality without worry that he is by all means existing”

You are still you even if you jump into another mind (your conciseness is in control).

Here are some important subs i highlighted.


I bring these particular lines up because of this next sub.

Capture 1.1

Under what authority do you have to him to keep going to any school? You said you’re not even from the school he goes to and by your wording in this sentence and the fact we have only seen him go to one school you must be referring to that one……but she isn’t!  In fact it gets more confusing when the lad who we saw was the council member of the school our main lead belongs to is now part of the council this random girl belongs to.

O_O Is there just a huge school counsel UN.

Capture 44

what school is what again?

T_T Lets talk about the powers:


At first I thought he was using gravity and force to propel himself like a patrol gun however, after watching it a couple of time I realized he isn’t really teleporting in the sense of materializing in another place at will.

Capture 1

This has to be one of the most useless powers of all time! I have a move that is much better and you can learn it too it’s called stealth!

The main lead has the power to enter people’s minds and control their bodies. When he does this his real body goes limp and lifeless which nobody on the street or in his classroom apparently cares about (dose nobody think this passed out boy should be brought to the nurse?).


Then why are you talking to this girl alone in a cafe? 

Capture 7

Is she saying he doesn’t have any bodily problems or that narcolepsy doesn’t exist?

This had to be my favorite like of the entire anime:

muffinmuffin cake

O_O How bad are them council meetings! There must be a lot of yelling/violence if it’s being used as a way to punish naughty students!


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  1. Yeah, there are a lot of flaws in this series. Still since it is an original series it is better not to give it an amazing first episode and be disappointing for the rest, maybe next time it will turn around. But yeah, I was thinking the same, how is that teleportation. I could imagine something else, such as speed, which was why they got launched in the air in that one scene. But teleportaiton does not work in that sense.

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