Kamigami no Asobi ending (reaction)

CaptureXD That has to be the most action packed/overly dramatic ending I have seen in any harem anime.

The biggest problem this anime has is being called/associated with the word “harem”. The actually show has very little to do with gaining the affection of main female lead and more to do with the personal problems of the gods.

How can I describe our female lead??? T-o she is a flat as cardboard yet, she is not as lifeless as no name from Amnesia.

I’m surprised that they managed to foreshadow the ending very early on along with many other plot twists throughout the show. Most show that foreshadow future events tend to make them so blatant they might as well be on a glowing neon sign saying “THIS IS WHAT IS HAPPENING!”.

This personalities of all the gods were just your stereotypical fetish character types. The only bonus to their one note personalities was that their relationships between the others gods was simple to understand which lead us smoothly into their personal backstories.

O_O I have ambivalent views towards this anime.

Is it good or is it bad? I honestly couldn’t tell you.


3 responses

  1. Whether male or female, harem leads are nearly always bland.

    1. Ayumu from is this a zombie isn’t that bland.

    2. ^_o you can review amnesia soon if you want (out on dvd July 20).

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